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Local Music Spotlight: The Dirty Biscuits

Briana Henry Briana Henry Local Music Spotlight: The Dirty Biscuits
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In my ongoing quest to soothe my thirst for new bands, I actually stumbled upon The Dirty Biscuits before they opened for Nashville, TN rockers, Turbo Fruits. To say the least, I was completely impressed. Under the haze of too much whiskey, I chalked it up as a band I would never see again. I, happily, was wrong.

Before officially overindulging in whiskey (again), I made a point to check then out as they opened for The Girls! at Ace of Cups. Turns out, even in my drunken stupor, I could tell how unique this band is, even in a pond of retro-revival bands that are seemingly, slowly, wonderfully, taking over the hipster-rock trend in Columbus. As I sat in a staff-only section at Ace of Cups with the band, I could instantly tell they have a tight camaraderie.

Briana Henry: How did this all come together? Were you in other bands before?

Dirty Biscuits: (Beth) We’re all still rockin’ out in other bands. Me and Craig were at bar, and he asked if I wanted to do a project together, so it kind of formed from there. We’ve had a couple of different drummers, but Larz is like the drummer. It can’t be anybody else. And then we found Mikey.

BH: So, where did this sound come from? Because not a lot of bands sounds like you guys in Columbus.

DB: (Craig) I kinda had a sound in mind. I didn’t have material ready, so I was like, why don’t we start off with a handful of covers, obscure covers, and go from there. Beth and I started out. We pulled Sam and Staci and then Mike and Larz. It started with my obsession with Billy Childish, and 60’s pop rock and pop-dance-rock. Slowly we introduced our own material into the set. I don’t think it’s very similar to what I’ve mentioned, like what we started with the covers, but we’re still a young band and growing into our own sound.

Beth Hunter’s voice is as sweet as a shot of whiskey that’s been aged and wrapped in silk. This combined with backup vocals by Staci Slaughter, who is obviously meant to be a rockstar because of her name alone. Larz, Mikey, and Sam round out Craig’s blistering vision of this pop-dance-rock ensemble. The band is currently recording because their recordings don’t do them justice.

Dirty Biscuits can be seen tonight at Ace of Cups for Hexer’s album release.  Also performing are Dead Girlfriends, which completes one of the most solid lineups so far this year.

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