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Local Music Spotlight: Jargon of the Future

Briana Henry Briana Henry Local Music Spotlight: Jargon of the Future
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Columbus born and bred, pop-punk trio, Jargon of the Future, (pronounced “Yargon”) will release their album tonight at A&R Bar.  Whilst sitting in a bar in German Village, I caught up with the three members of the band, and spoke of MTV, just who/what Jargon is, and sadly… Ace of Base.

Jargon of the Future: We’re pretty suburban guys. We all got regular jobs. We’re not trying to like… “make it.”

Briana Henry: But you kinda have though, right? I think having your music on MTV, that’s kind of  “making it.”

JotF: It’s kind of crazy how that happened and came together. To start from the beginning real quick, we recorded a demo, we got a producer from Incubus and Alien Ant Farm and what he liked on the demo was not even the musicality but the  harmonies, and he said he wanted to work with us. So originally he asked if we could get to New York or L.A. And we were like uhhh, no. And then he asked if we could work on it in Cleveland, and we said yeah we can go to Cleveland, so we went up and cut that. And we put it online, sent it to college radio and an owner of a marketing company said, “Your music is good, I think we can pitch this to the networks” and MTV picked it up, Discovery channel picked it up… making it in a different way. We don’t have a record deal. It’s cliche but being in a band is a grind.

Justin: Matt and I already had been playing for awhile with our other band at the time and we needed a guitar player, and he was always wanting to play. He was actually our biggest fan.

Casey: Yeah, I was their biggest fan but I was really shitty at guitar, but then I got better.

BH: So what are you guys listening to, collectively?

JotF: Deftones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, 311…

Matt: I can appreciate most good music. I can even appreciate some pop music. I’ll let this come out in the interview, Ace of Base.

Wow, you’re really serious about this…

Matt: I am an Ace of Base fan. I’ll let this come out, I’m going to make it public. It’s about time I came out of the Ace of Base closet. I think they’ve got great vocals.

Jargon, which is a working series of speakers made to look like an out of control robot monster, will make its appearance tonight. And luckily, Jargon of the Future sounds nothing like Ace of Base, but they are releasing their album, Then or Whenever, tonight at A&R bar.  While my now defunct Blackberry holds stories of the untold about this band, I’ll be sure to drunkenly mention anecdotes at tonight’s show. The show starts early, and talking to these three about the way they party, and the amount of Jack and Coke’s consumed by their drummer, Matt, that’s a good thing. Tickets tonight are $10 and available at the door.

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