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Local Filmmaker Brings Classics to Studio 35

Hope Madden Hope Madden Local Filmmaker Brings Classics  to Studio 35
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Tim Baldwin is a stickler about watching movies. When it comes to the classics, it’s all or nothing with him.

“I have never seen Lawrence of Arabia,” the local filmmaker, video editor and longtime Studio 35 collaborator admits. “When I wanted to watch it on TV, I thought: This would be better on the big screen, like it was supposed to be seen.”

He decided not to watch the film at all until he had the chance to see it as it should be seen. Then, he set about making that happen.

Though Baldwin has been a video editor/producer for Bartha Visual since 2012, he’s never quite relinquished his affiliation with Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse, where he began working in 2007 when the theater was purchased by Eric Brembeck and Rita Volpi.

“I stopped bartending there around August of 2012,” he says. Though his official role is now limited to creating the theater’s video slide show and some other video projects, Baldwin remains a pretty regular fixture. “I still have a key,” he laughs.

He pitched the idea of running a short program of big screen classics to Brembeck. The result is Saturday Cinema Classics, a new series running Saturday afternoons through February and March at Studio 35. The series, simply enough, comprises the movies Baldwin wants to watch at the theater.

“The series came about because I wanted to watch some movies on a big screen,” he admits. “I brought up the idea with Eric. We came up with a list and picked five movies.”

While that may sound a tad self indulgent, a quick perusal of Baldwin’s short list uncovers a full slate of Oscar winners and nominees for cinematography, art direction, visual effects, film editing, and sound (not to mention a few best picture winners). That is to say, five movies the Academy agrees were meant to be seen on a big screen in a dark theater with great sound.

“I choose the films for the series, but Eric can veto or approve,” says Baldwin. “He usually doesn’t. He wants to see how it plays out, as do I.”

The lineup begins this Saturday, February 8 at 2pm.

“We’ll start with the Sound of Music for an early Valentine’s Day show,” he says. Why? “I’d like to see that opening scene over the mountain on a big screen.”

Every Saturday through February and March sees another cinematic masterpiece.

“After Sound of Music is the movie that started the idea, Lawrence of Arabia,” he says.
He fills out the program with Ridley Scott’s SciFi classic Alien, Bridge on the River Kwai, and finally, Apocalypse Now.

“That’s another movie I’ve refused to see until I could see it loud and large in a theater,” he says of the Coppola war epic.

“I’ve always tried to get Eric to show more classics, more movies at the theater that are older, to see if there’s an audience for it,” he says. This is the experiment to find out.

All films begin at 2pm with a $5 ticket price. The full lineup:

2-8 Sound of Music (Academy award winner for best picture, director, sound, film editing, music; nominated for actress, supporting actress, cinematography, art direction, costume design)

2-22 Lawrence of Arabia (Academy award winner for best picture, director, cinematography, art direction, sound, film editing, score; nominations for actor, supporting actor, screenplay)

3-8 Alien (Oscar winner: best visual effects; nominated for art direction)

3-22 Bridge on the River Kwai: (Oscar winner for picture, actor, director, screenplay, cinematography, film editing, score; nominated for supporting actor)

3-29 Apocalypse Now (Academy award winner for cinematography, sound; nominated for picture, supporting actor, director, screenplay, art direction, film editing)

A full slate of movie reviews is available on my website www.maddwolf.com. You can also follow me on Twitter @maddwolf and like me on Facebook at facebook.com/MaddWolfColumbus.

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