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Local Comedian Sumukh Torgalkar Recording First Stand-up Album

Anne Evans Anne Evans Local Comedian Sumukh Torgalkar Recording First Stand-up AlbumJoin Sumukh Torgalkar on Tuesday, April 14 at the Columbus Funny Bone for his comedy album recording show. Photo courtesy Torgalkar.
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It’s been four years since Sumukh Torgalkar talked to Columbus Underground about his one-person show Sumukh Torgalkar and Friends…Who Look A Lot Like Sumukh Torgalkar, and much has changed for him.

“I was doing a lot of characters and other comedy outside of the realm of stand-up,” says Torgalkar. “I decided to step away from that in the past couple of years primarily to focus on stand-up and it has gone really well.”

His stand-up routine has taken him to comedy clubs, colleges, and bars around the country. He has performed at private events and at corporate events. He also won the Funny Bone’s Talent Search contest in 2007.

After winning that title, Torgalkar continued to come out to the club and perform there for their local showcase night.

“For years, I never really got an opportunity there other than that show, but that’s because I had to get better at comedy,” he says. “Eventually, they saw me get good enough to do longer sets at the club. Then, I got to the point where I became a regular performer at the club. Now, I’ve reached a point where they were very supportive of me recording my album there. I’ve also performed at Funny Bone clubs in other cities as well.”

Torgalkar has put together a pure stand-up show that will be recorded on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at the Funny Bone Comedy Club at Easton.  This will be his first solo show at the Funny Bone, and the first time his name will be highlighted on the marquee.

“It’s always a goal for most comedians to want to record an album and was a goal for me for many years,” he says. “I wanted to do it when I felt really comfortable with what I was doing as a performer and the material that I was delivering to crowds. I also wanted to do it in the right environment, which I felt was the Funny Bone, which is the only comedy club in town and my ‘home club’.”

Throughout his comedy career, Torgalkar has had the opportunity to open for some of the comedians he looks up to and appreciates like Reggie Watts, Russell Peters, Kyle Kinane, and Chad Daniels.

“Opening for Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock would be awesome,” he adds. Who would Torgalkar love to have open for him some day?

“Pauly Shore,” he says. “If not Pauly, then I like any comedians who make me laugh and who work hard at it, and not surprisingly, those are the comedians that turn out to be my closest friends.” Those comedians on the show for April 14 include Laura Sanders, Sean Somerville, Nickey Winkelman, and Dan Swartwout.

For Torgalkar, living in Columbus since 2006 has allowed him to achieve many of his personal goals.

“I’m not sure yet if that’s necessarily the case for my future goals, but I know that Columbus has been a great city that has allowed me to achieve a lot in comedy,” he says. “On a general level, I think there are several examples of individuals who have a thriving comedy career and live in Columbus. It just depends on what you want and what your goals are.”

Torgalkar was a regular contributor to Monday Night Live, one of the longest running comedy sketch showcases in Columbus, and also organized several comedy festivals. Early last year, he decided to step back from organizing shows to give him the time to focus on perfecting his stand-up comedy and performing more shows outside of Columbus.

“If a sketch comes to mind that I think would be good for the show or if I’m free on the night of the show, I may contribute, but I’m not regularly involved in the show anymore,” he says. “Much like my involvement with the scene, a lot of new and talented individuals got involved in Monday Night Live, so it was best for me to step aside and for them to collaborate on the show and continue to make it something good, and they have done that.”

Torgalkar feels that to get good at performing comedy, you need to put in the time and effort.

“If someone truly wants to do comedy, he/she should find out where the worst open mic is in the city,” he says. “Do five minutes there and if you still enjoyed it, come back there the next week and do it again, and keep coming back until you’re making people at that open mic laugh. If there’s never anyone in the crowd at that open mic, okay, go to the second worst open mic and do it there. My point being that you have to start from the ground level and determine if you love doing it and if you’re funny. Then, move yourself up step-by-step in the hierarchy of comedy venues. Don’t deny any type of open mic stage that’s available to you in your city and keep going out to them. That’s the only way you’ll get better. That’s the only way you’ll determine if you really love doing comedy. Be supportive of your fellow comedians. Go out to shows that you’re not performing on so that you can analyze and learn it.”

If you are looking to have a good laugh and a great time, as well as have your laughter recorded for all of the world to hear, Torgalkar invites you out to the show on Tuesday, April 14.

“I’m looking at the night as a culmination of all the shows I’ve done over those years and something that can bring a lot of people who love comedy locally together,” he says.” We’ll laugh. We’ll hug. You can meet my parents. It’ll be the wedding I may never have. It’ll be a good time!”

Reservations for Sumukh Torgalkar’s show, April 14 at 7:30pm can be made at columbusfunnybone.com or by calling the club’s box office at 471-5653. Tickets are $10 and the show is 21 and over.

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