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Local Chefs to Appear on Episode of Food Network’s “Guy’s Grocery Games”

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Local Chefs to Appear on Episode of Food Network’s “Guy’s Grocery Games”Photo by Lauren Sega.
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Ever wonder while watching those Food Network cooking competitions if the contestants really only get 30 minutes to make their meal, start to finish? Well, it’s true. And for Gallerie Pastry Chef Aaron Clouse and Ajumama Chef Laura Lee, that 30 minutes becomes an adrenaline-fueled blur. The two appeared as a sweet and savory team on Guy’s Grocery Games, Guy Fieri’s show that puts four chefs to the test, sending them to shop supplies and having a panel of judges decide the winning dish, all in a half hour. The episode is set to air Wednesday, February 7.

Clouse first engaged with the Food Network months ago, having applied and gone through the interview process for a number of other shows. Once in the system, applicants can be cycled through for other shows, and that’s what happened. He was contacted by the network about four months before shooting began for Guy’s Grocery Games, and the interview process started again, this time with Lee interviewing as well.

They aren’t the first chefs from central Ohio to get some TV time, especially with Guy Fieri. Momo Ghar, Ray Ray’s Hog Pit and Sweet Carrot all appeared on the star’s show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

“Columbus is very forthcoming in the food scene. It’s a melting pot, so there are so many different kinds of food here,” Clouse said. “It’s good to see Columbus bringing national recognition to the midwest. Chicago tends to steal the spotlight.”

Along with filling the role of Head Pastry Chef at Gallerie Bistro and Bar, Clouse will be returning to 1400 Food Lab this month as an instructor. Lee, the savory side of the duo, is the owner and chef of Ajumama, a food truck serving Korean street food that’s been in operation for more than six years.

“I’m hoping that we can definitely bring some more recognition to Columbus,” Lee said. “It’s great to see us on the national stage and getting that recognition, whether it’s me, whether it’s Momo Ghar, just letting people know we’re not just a place to stop over at the airport. We have a lot of great things going on for us in Columbus.”

Lee and Clouse will both be present at a watch party for the Guy’s Grocery Games episode, which will air at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, February 7. Festivities start at 8 p.m. at Preston’s: A Burger Joint inside the Brewery District bar Three Sheets.


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