Local Businesses Celebrate Your Kindness With Perks During The Big Give

Walker Evans Walker Evans Local Businesses Celebrate Your Kindness With Perks During The Big GivePhoto by Rick Buchanan.
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Typically, when you give to charity, you expect nothing in return. But The Big Give isn’t your typical philanthropic event. For just 26 hours stretching between October 10 and October 11, the entire Central Ohio community will come together to raise millions for hundreds of local nonprofits, and even the smallest donations can get you something in return.

During each year of The Big Give, local businesses have helped to incentivize giving by rewarding all donors with a treat. This year, White Castle is joining the group — alongside Donatos, HOMAGE, Jeni’s, Hot Chicken Takeover and Piada — to give you just one more reason to participate in The Big Give.

“We’ve always been involved as a philanthropic partner in The Big Give,” explained White Castle Corporate Relations Manager Erin Shannon. “But this year we’re a promotional partner because we love working with other great organizations in Columbus.”

While White Castle is typically known best for their tiny burgers and 24-hour drive through, the locally-based company is also no stranger to philanthropy. The Ingram family — of which Shannon is a fourth-generation member — founded White Castle nearly 100 years ago with a strong commitment to being a positive member of the community.

“A great example is our Castle Shares program, which we started just a few years ago,” said Shannon. “Through that, we’re feeding hunger, hopes and dreams by working with groups like LifeCare Alliance on programs such as Meals-On-Wheels. Through that, older people can stay in their homes and have food be delivered to them, and the program also helps by have nurses come by to nourish the human spirit.”

LifeCare Alliance is just one of over 900 nonprofits taking part in The Big Give in 2017. In 2015, the event raised over $15 million from nearly 20,000 individual donations, and organizers are hopeful that the community will be even more generous this year in the 26 hours between October 10 at 10 a.m. and October 11 at 12 p.m. Donating during the event also allows the opportunity to amplify your giving, as a collection of philanthropic partners have already donated over $1.3 million into a bonus pool that will be distributed on top of the individual donations.

“One thing that is very unique about Columbus compared to other cities is that other cities are very hyper-competitive, and we’re very hyper-collaborative,” said Shannon. “When we have a need, everyone pitches in and helps.”

When jokingly asked about the synergy of brand-alignment between an all-night event like The Big Give and an open-all-night restaurant like White Castle, Shannon laughed at the connection.

“It’s just a happy coincidence,” she said. “But if you’re up donating at 2 a.m., you can always stop by the castle.”

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