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Local Brew Review: Zauber Brewing’s Myopic Red

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Local Brew Review: Zauber Brewing’s Myopic Red
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Big things are happening at Zauber Brewing, the 5xNW-based ale house and brewery that’s only been in business a year. Firstly, they’re moving and expanding from their 1300 Norton Avenue location to 2,000-square feet digs at 909 West Fifth Avenue, the former site of Reed Arts, in the first week of October.

The move will not only mean the ability to experiment more with small, seasonal batches from owner Geoff Towne’s vivid and exciting imagination, but secondly, the opportunity for on-site food service, which is not currently offered at the Norton Avenue location.

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The setup at 909 West Fifth will most closely resemble the one at Seventh Son Brewing, another local micro brew house. Food trucks will regularly show up to help pair grub and grog, unwittingly creating what’s slowly becoming the modern brewpub.

The new beer hall (as Towne refers to it), will have communal, cafeteria-type tables that should seat roughly 90 patrons, with another 50 spots planned for the patio. There are already talks about adding an additional 80 seats in the near future.

At the new store, patrons will be able to sample all of Zauber’ five core offerings, including the Myopic Red, a German Red Alt, and a personal favorite. For me, this is the beer that when you’re ready to move pass the swill of youth (not that I ever indulged in such), you jump, throat-first, into.

Its mild toffee and caramel notes remind me of Werther’s Original treats, the ones that generations pass on because the flavor cannot be duplicated. Many will come close, but the light absinthal notes at the end of the Myopic’s palate is unique – and addictive.

This beer is perfect for outdoor gatherings, especially tailgating. It marries well with brats, burgers, nachos, and well-done wolverine.

Try it this week at Z Cucina while appreciating farm-to-plate week. The Porcini Crusted Hiland Naturals Pork Loin with caramelized onions and fennel-apple marmalade is just the kind of dish that not only stands up to this beer, but also mellows in its presence.

“We want to be a respectable brand that’s approachable for businessmen and hipsters alike,” admits Towne. “Our mission is to take our craft beer all over the country. We take our product and its integrity seriously; we’re in it to acquire a foothole. What’s better than to try and be the largest and best microbrew? We hope to be in the middle of it.”

To follow the progress of Zauber’s move and re-opening, and to keep up with their latest brews, visit www.zbeers.com.

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