Local Biz Leaderpromos Helps Zappos with Ribbon Cutting

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Local Biz Leaderpromos Helps Zappos with Ribbon Cutting
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It feels good to shop at Zappos. There’s a jaw-dropping assortment of platforms and clogs and mules and every other sort of shoe. It’s at your doorstep in days and easy to return. Divine.

Except for the local guilt thing. When it comes to shopping, Zappos is about as non-local as you get. It’s worse than a chain operation since it doesn’t even have local employees. Unless you count the UPS and USPS delivery guys — and that probably counts for something.

There’s something else, though. Zappos also works with Leaderpromos — a local business that customizes and distributes promotional products. In fact, that local business just helped the shoe empire set a world record at the grand opening of the new Zappos headquarters.

Earlier in September, Zappos moved its main location to Downtown Las Vegas. Pretty flashy, right? More than that, the new digs are in the palatial former city hall, a spot renovated with $48 million dollars to house the new operation.

To celebrate, Zappos had 1,577 people perform the ribbon cutting ceremony simultaneously. It took a ribbon that was a mile long to get the job done and Leaderpromos was the team that made it.

Said Ivan Kuo, Leaderpromos’ lead on the project, “They needed enough to be able to run through the headquarters plaza and up through the balconies, and also to allow each person who got to cut it, to keep a piece as a memento of such an important event in Zappos history.”

In cutting the ribbon, Zappos (and Leaderpromos) broke the record for most people to cut a grand opening ribbon simultaneously.

It worth asking how a Columbus, Ohio business finds itself making ribbons and breaking records with a Las Vegas empire, but if that’s the question, Kuo’s not answering, joking “I can’t reveal all my secrets.”

You can find out more about Leaderpromos at, and you can get a really cute pair of Adidas platform heels at — but, you probably already know that.

Photo via Zappos Facebook.

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