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Local Arts Organizations Join Forces: The New Albany Art League at the MAC

 Annie Carruthers Local Arts Organizations Join Forces: The New Albany Art League at the MACTodd Camp “Observation 703, 36x36”
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A demonstration of the strong bonds within the Columbus arts scene, the Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center’s current exhibit, “The New Albany Art League” showcases the work of six Columbus-based artists and members of the area’s newest art league. As Worthington’s community art center, the McConnell Arts Center shares a common goal with the New Albany Art League: engage the community through art and strengthen the role art plays in enriching people’s lives.

Todd Camp “Observation 703, 36x36”

The New Albany Art League will continue to grow and mature through exceptional programming, such as this event at the McConnell Arts Center. The work shown by selected members Todd Camp, Nathaniel Edward, Mollie Hannon, Arden Kozeny, Robert Metzger, and Dorenda Crager Watson, represent the quality and diversity of artists who have already chosen to become the League’s inaugural members.

The artwork presented deeply varies in method and imagery from artist to artist, but each piece is a unique example of the way the artists’ see the world around them. Todd Camp uses his observations of everyday life and personal interactions to create stories within the bold, abstract patterns of his work, while Mollie Hannon experiments with film and paper to reflect life’s imperfections, rawness, and beauty.

Dorenda Crager Watson “5 Buckeyes”

The gallery’s visitors will even recognize some locally iconic buckeyes, depicted in a piece from Dorenda Crager Watson. She mixes the natural objects that surround her with a dose of surrealism to master her self-proclaimed style of “Magic Nature.” Her excellent use of the painting technique, trompe l’oeil at first misleads the viewer into thinking it is a photograph, only to later impress when the trained eye learns it is a painting—a detailed and realistic image that creates the optical illusion.

As these two organizations join arms to present “The New Albany Art League”, visitors are sure to enjoy an excellent variety of artwork, full of emotion and life, and are guaranteed to leave feeling more connected to the local arts community. The exhibit is on display until November 6, 2011 in the McConnell Arts Center’s main gallery and admission is free.

If you go, The Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center is located at 777 Evening Street, Worthington, OH 43085.


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