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Local Artist Spotlight: Felix Gada

Walker Evans Walker Evans Local Artist Spotlight: Felix Gada
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When the Jekyll & Hyde Salon in Clintonville opened back in June, one thing we noticed is that it is a very colorful place with lots of art hanging on the walls. We were informed that some of the artwork was created by local artist Felix Gada, and learned that much of his abstract work can be found at other local salons throughout Central Ohio.

We spoke recently with Felix to find out more about his background at an artist and what inspires his work:

Q: First, can you tell us a bit about your artistic background as it relates to training, education and profession?

A: My interest in the arts, specifically painting, started when my Big Ten Track career ended. When I finished earning my degree, I realized the one thing no one can teach you is how to express yourself. So, I took my first paycheck and bought a canvas, some paints and a paint brush. I surround myself with those that are creative and draw inspiration this way. I have had very little formal training, for me, learning my craft is a work in progress and the journey is part of my education. As as athlete, I am conditioned to practicing, which has become a major theme as to how I approach art education.

Q: How would you describe your artwork?

A: My passion is primarily painting, mostly abstract. I would definitely describe my work as emotional, inconsistent and colorful, just like my life. I often think of my art as life being fought out on canvas.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration and how do you convert that from the real world into abstract forms?

A: For me, inspiration actually starts with denature, the oil, the acrylic the cotton and the smell of fresh wood, canvas being stretched. From there, I find people and my experiences with them the main inspiration to my work. People and their creativity stimulate my imagination, which provides me the vision to commit paint into an abstract concept.

Q: Are you involved with any local arts groups, collectives or other collaborative efforts?

A: At this time I am not involved in any colloborative efforts.

As an artist, the creative process is extremely personal.

Q: Where would you like to see your art evolve over the next five years?

A: I would love my art to touch and inspire more individuals in person and on display. Art is such a personal and intimate experience that I want to ensure I display my work in places and scenarios which will allow me to impact those that connect with my concepts. I want people to see “Felix” and what I mean by that is; whether it’s me or another artist that inspires you, it is art in ones self that is most enjoyable.

Q: Are there any current or upcoming opportunities for our readers to see your work?

A: The best place to see my work is on my website, but I also have work displayed at Stile Salon at Easton, Max Salon in the Short North and German Village, Jekyll & Hyde Salon in Clintonville and Fredrick’s Salon in Westerville. I also have photography displayed with Model Mayhem. You might also find me in Bexley at the Hammond Harkins Gallery very soon.

More information can be found online at www.iseefelix.com.


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