Local Artist Spotlight: Brandon Kaes

Anne Evans Anne Evans Local Artist Spotlight: Brandon KaesArtist Brandon Kaes with his 1971 Fuji Gran Tourer.
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Artist Brandon Kaes with his 1971 Fuji Gran Tourer.

Bicycles are a way of transportation for some, and for Brandon Kaes, they are also inspiration for his art.

“All of my art revolves around bikes,” he says. “With my photography, I love doing minimalism and just keeping my style bold and simple. I’ve pretty much dedicated all of my photography to my bike. Last year, I was really into portraits but had trouble finding or meeting up with people to shoot with. Since I was always with my bike, I figured why not shoot my bike in all these neat looking places. So my bike became my subject.”

That subject is his completely rebuilt 1971 Fuji Gran Tourer, a bike he bought for $20 and complete re-did.

“I rebuilt my bike to fit my needs as a commuter cyclist,” he says. “My bike is my sole source of transportation.”

Kaes grew up in Los Angeles and was part of the graffiti scene, but as he aged, he decided to focus his creativity on canvases. A self-taught artist, he also enjoys using found and recycled wood as bases for his art.

Kaes takes great care to create his paintings from the very beginning to the end, by building and stretching his own canvases and building his own frames.

“When someone looks at one of my paintings I want them to see that I took the time and energy to build the canvas,” he says. “Stretch the canvas. Build the frame around it.”

Kaes’ aesthetic for his paintings has an urban tone using heavy and thick paint strokes. Every day he finds new inspiration from the city around him, especially when he is on his bike.

“I enjoy street riding most in and around Columbus and Downtown,” he says. “Occasionally, it’s nice to ride the bike paths for a quite calmer change of pace and scenery.”

He has had his artwork for sale in both Simply Vague shops, plans to participate in Moonlight Market this year, and is applying for other summer festivals. Beginning in February, Kaes’ bicycle themed cards, stationery, and photography will be available to purchase in Columbus area roll: stores.

“I love all the opportunities artists have here to show their works and meet other artists,” he says. “I’ve met so many wonderful and helpful people. A special thanks to my friend Brandon Page who has helped me out tremendously.”

Bike Photography Print.

Photo transfer on wood. 8" x 10"

Bicycle themed cards.

Photo print of bike in an urban landscape.

Photos courtesy Brandon Kaes.

For more information, visit

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