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Little Palace Reborn with new Ownership

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Little Palace restaurant located at 240 S. Fourth Street has been recently sold to the owners of The Rossi & Club 185, who plan on revamping and relaunching the restaurant under the same name. “We hope to have it reopened within a month”, said Tina Corbin, one of the business partners involved with the project. “The restaurant has a lot of charm and character as is, so we’ll only be doing a few cosmetic changes and cleanup and no major construction.”

The restaurant has been a Downtown staple for decades, and the new owners want to preserve the name of the business while revamping the menu and atmosphere.

“We’re keeping the name because the neon sign is awesome,” said Tina. “It’s a recognizable name Downtown.”

The new menu will focus on signature pizzas, burgers, and other specialty entrees. The dishes will vary enough from the offerings at Club 185 and The Rossi to keep competition between the three businesses minimal.

“We plan on offering the same menu all day for lunch and dinner, and keeping the kitchen open late,” added Tina. “We’ll be open 7 days a week for both food and drinks.”

The revamped restaurant aims to serve a similar casual audience with their atmosphere and their price ranges. “We want Little Palace to feel like a neighborhood gathering place, similar to Club 185,” said Tina. “It’s similar in size, we’ll have a similar $5-$15 price range, and we’re thinking about adding a pool table too.”

Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace opened next door at 248 S. Fourth last July, and has been part of the catalyst in the relaunching of Little Palace. “We’ve been interested in this area for awhile, and were waiting to see what would happen with Dirty Frank’s,” said Tina.”We’re glad to see their success, and I think we can be a great compliment to them. We think that the two of us will be able to help each other.”

Construction is already under way at Little Palace to meet their one-month reopening target date, but no official grand opening date has been announced yet. Stay tuned for more updates on the reopening.

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