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Little Palace & El Camino Adding Patios

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Little Palace & El Camino Adding Patios
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In the grand scheme of the downtown landscape, The Little Palace Restaurant and El Camino Inn are off-the-beaten-path, nestled on freeway connector Fourth Street between Rich and Main Streets. The spots are popular for lunch, serving Central Ohioans delicious pizzas, strombolis, tacos, burritos, and subs.

But as the weather warms up, restaurant-goers invariably ask one question: do you have a patio? And come the end of May, both The Little Palace and El Camino will be able to say, “yes, we do!”

The plan had always been to put in a patio. The previous owners had devised it, but never executed the idea. The timing is perfect for this project now, and Randy and Tina Corbin, owners of The Little Palace and El Camino Inn, as well as popular hangout spots Club 185 and The Rossi (as well as the soon-to-arrive PhilCo Bar & Diner), are excited to finally have a spot with a patio.

“You’re at a disadvantage if you don’t have a patio,” explains Tina Corbin. “It’s so nice now, and it’s been staying nicer for a longer time, so we’re looking forward to using it all year.”

The patio, located five feet from the curb on Fourth Street (per city ordinance), will actually extend along both the storefronts of The Little Palace and El Camino. There will be 38 seats in all: 18 in front of El Camino, 20 at Little Palace. Patrons will be able to enjoy the patio during regular hours, 11am-2:30am.

There’s also a new hot-sun menu at El Camino that includes Fish Tacos and Ceviche. And happy hour at both joints are bringing new drink specials: Margaritas at El Camino and Draft Beers at The Little Palace.

Not that long ago, The Little Palace got a face-lift, rejuvenating its interior with light and space; El Camino turns one year old next month. There’s truly reason to celebrate these two spots, and a patio is the perfect way to do just that, as well as say thank you to the loyal customers both joints have garnered in a short span of time, especially given location.

El Camino Inn and The Little Palace are located at 238 S. Fourth Street and 240 S. Fourth Street respectively. You can check on the status of the upcoming patio at www.facebook.com/ElCaminoInn.

Photo by Walker Evans.

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