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Literary Journal Filigree Provides Local Writers a Platform for their Work

Walker Evans Walker Evans Literary Journal Filigree Provides Local Writers a Platform for their Work
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Periodisa Publishing was recently launched as a way for Columbus authors to have local access to literary services, publishing and distribution. Founders James Harris and Lori Gum recognized the value in producing regular content to showcase what Columbus writers have to offer, and the idea for Filigree was born.

Filigree is a new literary journal being released bi-monthly to shine a spotlight on local writers, artists, poets, comedians and other creative literary minds. Tyler Hively was brought on to manage and produce Filigree, and the second issue will be released at a special event at Fringe Outfitters tomorrow, June 3rd from 6pm to 9pm.

We recently spoke with Tyler for a quick Q&A to find out more about Filigree.

Q: First, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A: I’m 24. I was born and raised in Columbus. I got my degree in Creative Writing from Otterbein and got a job with Periodisa not long after graduating, making me the exception to the rule that going to school for Creative Writing is a terrible idea. While I was still at Otterbein, I worked as an editor at CMH and put out an independent zine called Death By Dragonry. Since graduating I’ve been working with Lori Gum at Periodisa editing Filigree and I also help out with 614 Magazine’s calendars. In addition, I have a piece in this year’s Hot 17 book for the band, The Spruce Campbells. That book will also be published through Periodisa.

Q: So how did the idea for Filigree come about?

A: Around last August I was at a bar with a friend talking about writing. He told me about a new publishing house in Columbus. The next day I sent Periodisa an email with a couple of short stories I’d written and my embarrassingly short resume. We met up for drinks where they told me they were interested in starting a literary journal for Columbus. After meeting me and reading my work, they basically handed me the reigns. It took some time before we were comfortable releasing Issue 1 (which we did on April 2nd) but with designer Chris Brown and Lori, we were able to put out something we liked. With Issue 2’s release on Friday, we are proud to put out some of Columbus’ best work. I think that’s really the idea behind Filigree… show Columbus writers how talented they really are.

Q: Does the relationship between Filigree and Periodisa extend beyond publishing?

A: Periodisa is the publishing house that puts out Filigree and the two are pretty reliant on each other right now. Filigree leans entirely on Periodisa for support and expertise while Periodisa looks to Filigree for upcoming authors and as a means to release something worthwhile every other month. The overlap, though, is extraordinary. While Lori does run Periodisa, she is crucial in the release of Filigree. Chris does the design for Filigree but has also been working directly with Lori for Periodisa books.

Q: So how was the first issue of Filigree received in April?

A: Reception for Issue 1 of Filigree what less than I had hoped but more than we expected. While it did seem incredibly hard to get a copy in people’s hands, we ended up having to go back to the printer because we had sold the entire first run. I think the problem we encountered with the first issue was that people weren’t exactly sure what it was before they held it and were able to read it. The term ‘literary journal’ doesn’t mean that much to people but when they can feel the weight of it, see how beautiful it is, then they begin to get it. It’s not a book. It’s not a magazine. It’s just good literature and once people understand that they get very excited about it.

Q: Which local artists and local writers have you worked with on the project thus far?

A: We’re very lucky to be in a city with such amazing artists all around us. For the first issue we had a Jamarr Mays painting for the cover. It is a striking image of an elephant with wings on a yellow background. It really is beautiful. Inside we have four pieces by local poet Pete Stroup from his upcoming Periodisa published book, ‘Sex and Destruction.’ I also had the privilege of interviewing the band Wing & Tusk for the final piece. Issue two is stacking up incredibly well, too. Not only do we have Justin Luna doing the cover art, we were able to interview him and show more of his work. Writer Robert Loss has a gorgeous short story. Local writer and comedian Joshua Gandee submitted a strangely funny piece. We also have an infographic by local designer Cole Londeree. I would have to say the most enjoyable local artist I’ve worked with has been Andy Anderson who writes a column for every issue. His style is unlike anything I’ve ever read and his humor kills me. Andy Anderson is Columbus’ hidden talent.

Q: So what can you tell us about issue 2?

A: Luckily, we learned things from Issue 1. We learned what pieces work best. What kind of art prints best. What kind of text reads best. Issue 2, we feel, is a better representation of what we want Filigree to accomplish. We have very strong writing accompanied by very good looking design. These pieces are insightful, witty, moving, and able to elicit a range of emotions. Issue 2 is tighter, cleaner, and probably better than 1. We’re immensely proud of it.

Q: Can you tell us more about Friday’s release event for Issue 2?

A: For a few weeks we’ve been talking to Greg Turner from Fringe Outfitters and we really just like everything he’s doing. He’s young, smart, and ambitious so it only made sense to have Filigree’s release party in his store (1177 N High St). At the release we will have some of the authors from Issue 2 and there may be a reading but the night will mostly just be a chance for everyone to just talk. We’ll talk about our books, our writings, our writers, your books, your writers, anything goes. There may also be beer.

Q: What is the publishing schedule for future issues and the cost for anyone interested in purchasing?

A: We release Filigree at the beginning of every other month. So the first issue came out April, this one is June, Issue 3 will be August and so on. They are available for purchase for $10 and can most easily be found on www.periodisa.com. They will also be at Fringe Outfitters, Tigertree, Spoonful Records, and a couple other places around the city.

Q: How would you like to see Filigree continue to grow?

A: Though we are proud of what we have done with Filigree, we know that we have a long way to go before we are at our expected level. We do have a few things planned out for our immediate future like a redesign toward a specific look and the option for people to subscribe to Filigree. We are also in the beginning stages of developing a website for more multimedia pieces. As far as general growth, we would like as many people to read and enjoy it as possible. With a larger following we would be able to get it into more stores and into even more hands. We basically just want to show this thing to everyone and say, ‘this is how talented Columbus is.’

More information can be found online at periodisa.com.

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