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Letter to the Editor: Vote NO on Issue 7

Heather Taylor-Miesle Heather Taylor-Miesle Letter to the Editor: Vote NO on Issue 7
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The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund cares deeply about protecting the City of Columbus’ environment and fighting for environmental justice. We urge Columbus voters to be wary of outside groups who use shady claims of clean energy to line their pockets with our tax dollars: vote NO on Issue 7.

This proposed ballot initiative may look beneficial to Columbus’ environment and its residents, but in reality it will short-circuit the city’s ability to fight climate change and address many of the city’s needs that have already been planned for in the city budget. 

Issue 7 calls for the egregious transfer of $87 million from the city’s general fund to a privately-held, shady corporation. Vague ballot language makes it difficult to know what Columbus taxpayer funds would go toward, however the numbers are clear: if passed, Issue 7 would devastate our city budget which could result in cuts to public health, emergency services, and parks and recreation.

The OEC Action Fund supported the effort last November to create a 100% clean energy community choice aggregation in the City of Columbus—one of the largest municipal clean energy programs in the country. The City of Columbus is also in the process of finalizing its Climate Action Plan, reflecting countless conversations with residents around climate change, environmental justice, and job creation. Equity, transparency, and inclusion: that is what a true clean energy policy looks like.  

To help protect the integrity of Columbus’ clean energy future, vote NO on Issue 7.

The OEC Action Fund seeks to protect and enhance the environment, economic viability, and health of all Ohio communities by expanding access to public lands, advancing critical environmental priorities, holding policy makers accountable, and electing environmental champions.

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