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Concert Review: Leon Bridges

Lauren Verhage Lauren Verhage Concert Review: Leon BridgesPhoto by Lauren Verhage.
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Think back to the late fifties and early sixties. Saxophones, tambourines and bass guitars. Originally from Fort Worth Texas, Leon Bridges has released his debut album Coming Home. His show successfully sold out the LC as he performed on Monday, October 26th. The ambiance of the stage was very authentic. The backdrop was a velvet curtain and Leon and his bands stage presence was welcoming and gracious.

Bridges and company are doing something very cool — bringing back this style of music — which I think is something that many people are attracted to and enjoy. It’s easy to feel nostalgic towards certain musical eras, and Leon Bridges brings the sixties back in a fresh way. He played a variety of songs off of his album, and even a few new ones as well. The interaction that he had with the crowd was very refreshing, as he would tell the backstories behind some of his songs, and really urge the crowd to be involved. The type of audience that Leon Bridges attracts is a very broad group of people, which I think is rather cool. His music brings tons of people together who appreciate his style and art.

At the end of the show he encouraged everyone to dance as his band played a big encore, which the crowd really enjoyed. With an amazing voice and great songs, Leon Bridges and his band are wonderful both on and off the stage.

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