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Learn to Care for Your Belly at Happy Healthy Belly

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Learn to Care for Your Belly at Happy Healthy BellyAngie Never of Sacred Shimmy Studio. Photo courtesy Angie Never.
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“No one should get sick because of a yoga class,” says Angie Never, yoga teacher and owner of a yoga and dance studio in Groveport. “Certainly, I am not going to put any of my students or family at risk.”

Never and her yoga teachers are started a new series on September 5, 2021 called “Happy Healthy Belly” that focuses on loving and caring for the belly. She also has ongoing yoga and dance classes for all levels of ability and interest. Never teaches body positive yoga classes and has had students following her for years due to her intelligently-adapted yoga for many body types. 

Never has had a personal yoga practice for over 15 years and completed yoga teacher training in 2011 at Yoga on High’s old location where she and Joyce Eubanks developed a yoga program called Yoga Enlarged. “I am really excited that I am about to graduate the first class of yoga teachers trained to be body positive, Yoga-Enlarged style, in November 2021.”

Never is determined to keep her students and teachers safe from COVID-19. She and her partner suffered from Coronavirus and long-haul COVID-19 last year. Class sizes for Yoga with Angie Never are limited to six students and extra ventilation is in place at the studio. Also, proof of being fully vaccinated is required. Never does not want any students or teachers or their families to go through what she did. Do smaller class sizes affect her bottom line? “My measurement of success in not now nor never has been about money. I live a simple life, so that I can do what I want.”

As musicians, she and her partner had annual trips to New Orleans for years and went in March 2020. She and her partner began feeling ill when COVID-19 was barely a headline in the news. While he recovered almost completely from COVID-19, she spent the next 15 months in a nightmare of fatigue and neurologic symptoms including debilitating headaches and dizziness.

“It was crazy how tired I was and still am. I have to be very careful about my energy expenditures.” Never did note that some of her symptoms lightened a few weeks after her second vaccination against COVID-19.

Yoga with Angie holds classes at Sacred Shimmy Studio located at 4875 Hendron Road, Groveport, Ohio 43125.  There are also classes in tribal dancing and other activities. For more information, go to the website for yoga angienever.com or visit Sacred Shimmy Studio on facebook.

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