Late Night Slice Wants to Give Lewis Center Its Sports Bar Back

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Late Night Slice Wants to Give Lewis Center Its Sports Bar BackPhoto via Brewzaa.
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Lewis Center’s Brewzaa is getting new ownership and a face lift from Mikey’s Late Night Slice owners, Mikey Sorboro, Bryce Ungerott and Jason Biundo.

They’d been looking for a new, easier project — one that didn’t require zoning and endless construction. They’ve done that before, Sorboro said, and now they’re ready to take a bar that’s already a bar and put their own spin on it.

“It’s very much so out of our wheelhouse,” Sorboro said, comparing it to their urban ventures, Late Night Slice and Oddfellows Liquor Bar.

As such, Brewzaa requires a different approach. Sitting in what Sorboro calls an outside corner plaza, the business caters to a suburban clientele. Residents have already voiced concerns about how their local bar, once Joe’s Original, changed when it became Brewzaa. Sorboro said he hopes the takeover delivers back to the people what they lost: “just kind of a no frills bar that you can just go in and have a decent meal and get drunk at.”

Nobody is crazy about the name, but for now “Brewzaa” will stick. There will be some changes in imaging and marketing, although it probably won’t involve an irreverent anthropomorphic pizza. Right now Sorboro and his partners are executing the physical changes, like rearranging tables, reducing their taps from 60 to 40, and fitting a garage door that’ll open to the patio. He hopes these changes will create an environment fit for large volumes of people.

“That’s one big thing that we keep hearing is people wanna go in with a big group of friends and be able to push tables together, and just watch the game,” Sorboro said.

On top of broadcasting sports games, Brewzaa will host game and trivia nights. The fare will remain mostly the same, with a few minor changes. A shortened menu will provide upscale American pub food, including wings, pizza, sandwiches and appetizers.

Brewzaa should be ready to go in its new form by the end of the year or early January. After that, it’s expansion time. Sorboro hopes to open a second Brewzaa in 2017, with more to follow. While an exact neighborhood hasn’t been narrowed down, they’re looking at suburbs along 270 with those outside corner plazas.

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