Landlords hurt if sophomores stay in dorms

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The Dispatch wrote Landlords hurt if sophomores stay in dorms

Friday, December 26, 2008

By Bill Bush

The University District would suffer from decay and lower property values if a proposal to force Ohio State University sophomores to live on campus is carried out, according to a $28,000 study commissioned by landlords who own thousands of apartments in the area.

The area’s apartment-occupancy rate — now a stunning 99.4 percent — could drop to less than 80 percent if there were enough space on campus to house the 3,000 sophomores now living in private housing, according to the study by VWB Research.


If fewer students rent, then market forces should put more pressure on landlords to clean up their acts. I almost fell over when I read the article, landlords claim this will add to decay…hahaha…could campus housing be any worse?

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