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Land-Grant Planning Big Patio Expansion to Open This Summer

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Land-Grant Planning Big Patio Expansion to Open This Summer
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Land-Grant’s patio looks like it might get about 7,500 square feet bigger. The brewery team put in an application with the East Franklinton Review Board to absorb the adjacent lot they’ve been using for sporadic parties in hopes of transforming it into a beer garden and live music space. Barring delays, the addition should be complete within two months.

“We always utilized that field for throwing big events — the Homage party, anniversary parties that we’ve done every year. And as we have been sitting in this dismal weather looking at the empty lot, we kept thinking, ‘How could we utilize that more?’ And we thought we could turn it into a beer garden, use it all summer, as opposed to a couple weekends out of the year,” said Land-Grant President Adam Benner.

The plan involves erecting a fence on the empty field between Land-Grant and Rehab, which will surround roughly 30 outdoor tables. On the western side of the patio will be a stage, where Benner said they’d be able to host more live music events, adding to the growing activity he’s seen in the Franklinton neighborhood.

“We’re real excited. Coming down to Franklinton, there’s more things happening, and we saw that last year with the arts fest, Pride, and all the overflow into the neighborhood, all the buildings going up on Rich Street,” Benner said. “This is an amenity that will bring a fun thing to Franklinton.”

Should the Review Board approve Land-Grant’s plan, Benner said they’re looking to open the expanded patio and beer garden in time for Memorial Day weekend.

For more information, visit landgrantbrewing.com.

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