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Kit and Ace: A Tucked Away Treasure

Anna Maconachy Anna Maconachy Kit and Ace: A Tucked Away TreasurePhoto by Anna Maconachy.
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Kit and Ace brought something new and fresh to Columbus this past summer when they moved into 17 East Brickel Street, a spot where Homage previously found great success.

Kit and Ace is a Vancouver-based family business that focuses on Contemporary Luxury, offering clothes that are comfortable and chic. It was created by mother and stepson Shannon and JJ Wilson. They both have a background in technical apparel and were looking for something that performed to the high standards of athletic wear, but could also be functional to wear day in and day out. They create unique fabrics from their very own proprietary fabric family “Qemir”, making it a unique destination in the Short North. Although the Columbus store only offers tops, there is a large selection of pieces that can help make customers’ outfits more stylish and comfortable.


According to their company mantra, Kit and Ace design for the creative class, meaning that they design for people who are making an impact on society. They aim to connect with local creatives, and even hold intimate dinners called “Supper Clubs” on a quarterly basis to bring people together.

Kit and Ace makes it their duty to be locally involved and includes a 30% locally-sourced buildout in all of its shops. While shopping, customers are offered a pamphlet called “The List”, which features four categories: eat, drink, play, and shop. This list is full of local places nearby, so that whether you are new to Columbus or a Columbus native, they will help guide customers toward the best spots around.

The Short North store also includes a gallery-style space called “The Wall”, that features a new local artist every month. A large portion of one of their walls is taken up by their “Iconic Photograph”, taken by local photographer Adam Elkins. The unique merchandise and unique local ties make it worth a trip down Brickel Street to check out Kit and Ace.

For more information, visit www.kitandace.com/locations/columbus.

Photos by Anna Maconachy.



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