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Kinetic Food Truck Set to Launch this April

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Kinetic Food Truck Set to Launch this April
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As the Spring approaches, a lot of us begin a diet revamp: eating more wholesome foods in anticipation of the long, hot summer months and all that entails. Kinetic Food Truck, one of the city’s newest, wants to help the hopeful in Columbus, offering healthy options that don’t lack in flavor.

Andrew Tuchow and Andy O’Brien, both recent graduates, came up with the concept – a gourmet truck exclusively serving food for active and contemporary lifestyles – as they ate dinner one night. Andy wanted a place that catered to athletes; Andrew fantasized about a healthier version of the fast-casual eatery.

kinetic-food-truckOut of that exchange came Kinetic, which will officially begin its Columbus career on April 1st. The truck will offer several bowls, all with varying flavor profiles and health benefits. Customers will also have the option to create-their-own, allowing them to design meals catering to specific nutritional needs.

Six preset bowls, like Buffalo Chicken and Steak Fajita, will be available upon launch. Visitors customize their dishes by choosing a base from options like Quinoa Grain Blend and Brown Rice & Black Beans, adding veggies like Grilled Asparagus and Blanched Broccoli & Carrots, and a protein, like Spicy Tofu or Carne Asada Steak.

Bowls are finished off with the diner’s choice of sauce and toppers, like crushed peanuts and microgreens. Smoothies will also be sold at kinetic. Pure provides a blast of antioxidants, while Push delivers caffeine in a safe, fresh way.

Meals at Kinetic Food Truck will cost anywhere from $7 – $9 per bowl, with smoothies ranging from $3 – $5. There will also be snacks and sweets for sale, like Walnut-Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies, costing anywhere from $3 – $5. Ingredients used by Kinetic are seasonal and locally-sourced.

The Kinetic Food Truck also caters. Racing events, graduation parties, even weddings are all in the guys’ wheelhouse. They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for operational costs, so they can do their best to ensure that healthy still remains affordable.

“Kinetic is crafted with nutrition at its core, resulting in deliciously smart performance food,” shares Tuchow and O’Brien. “We [realized] we could really cater to the increasingly unique diets of the population. Our schedule is very diverse, but we are excited to be selling street side.”

Tuchow and O’Brien hope to hold a big party to celebrate Kinetic’s launch, complete with a band. They move around several Central Ohio neighborhoods, but can be tracked through their website, www.kineticfoodtruck.com.

For more on Kinetic Food Truck’s progress, and for information on their Kickstarter, follow them at www.facebook.com/kineticfoodtruck.

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