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Treat to Try: Killer Brownies

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Killer Brownies
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You may think you make some “killer” brownies, but you probably don’t. Unless you work for the bakery with the trademark on the name. Otherwise, you make lethal, toxic or poisonous brownies: those naming options are still available.

Killer Brownies — the trademarked ones — are now available in Columbus. Weiland’s began carrying the confections in January, and the brownies are, in fact, worth the hype.

Start with the Original Killer Brownie. It has almost everything you might want loaded into a treat: a mild, almost malty chocolate crust, nuts and a distinct swirl of ooey-gooey caramel in the middle. The only thing that’s missing is chocolate chips. That said, the Not-A-Nutter version offers the same combo, replacing the pecans with the aforementioned chips.

The Blonde Ambition version of the brownie is just as worthy. It sports the caramel swirl with macadamia nuts and white chocolate chunks sandwiched between its poofy golden crusts.

There is also some sort of interesting backstory to these brownies. You can find newspaper articles from 2013. The articles tell a tale of two markets: West Point Market in Akron, and Dorothy Lane Markets in Dayton. In the original articles, West Point had a long history of offering Killer Brownies, when Dorothy Lane up and licensed the name, at least, regionally. The brownies had more than a name in common, they were also made from a similar recipe.

The brownie battle appears to have been no battle at all, as the two businesses worked it out amicably. Fast forward to 2016, and both operations now offer Killer Brownies with a teeny trademark sign next to its name. You can follow the original story here, and also find the original Betty Crocker cake mix recipe that been called a “killer” for decades.

Or better yet, skip the recipe and just buy some. Less time, less mess, and a little Ohio drama.

For more information, visit www.killerbrownie.com.

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