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Katzinger’s Little Delicatessen Opens in North Market

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Katzinger’s Little Delicatessen Opens in North MarketPhotos by Walker Evans.
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It was announced a few months ago that German Village staple, Katzinger’s Deli, would open Katzinger’s Little Delicatessen, their second location, in the North Market. This week, the store opened at the southwest entrance to the Market, across from Omega Artisan Baking.

The smaller store still offers much of what customers crave from Katzinger’s Deli, in addition to some unique items. Ten signature sandwiches are being served, including one that’s just for the North Market crowd.


Little Deli also offers five side dishes and four kinds of brownies to round out the dining experience. All of the dishes there reflect the standard the parent store has always used, and prices are comparable as well.

“The North Market is famous for showcasing independent vendors who offer the highest quality artisanal food and ingredients,” shares Diane Warren, owner of Katzinger’s. “This menu selection allows us to serve our guests generally in just a few minutes from the time they order.”

Customers are also able to purchase deli meats by the pound from Little Deli, including corned beef and pastrami, as well as their signature salads, breads, and pickles. Call ahead service is available as well.


Katzinger’s Little Delicatessen is open Monday from 11am – 3pm, Tuesday-Friday, 9am – 7pm, Saturday, 8am – 5pm, and on Sunday, from noon till 5pm. To place a carry-out order, call 614-221-5377.

For more on Little Delicatessen, visit www.northmarket.com.

All photos by Walker Evans.

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