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Karate Cowboy Moves Production to Middle West Spirits

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Karate Cowboy Moves Production to Middle West Spirits
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Locally owned distilling company Revolution Experiment is localizing the production process of their brand Karate Cowboy. Since their start in 2015, it’s been in Louisville, KY, but their products are now set to come up in the newly expanded facility owned by Middle West Spirits.

The conversation started about nine months ago. Middle West co-owners Brady Konya and Ryan Lang revealed their distilling process and learned about sake-infused whiskey from Mark Tinus, Revolution Experiment founder and president.

“It was pretty obvious right from the get-go that we were going to be able to do things with the product that we weren’t able to do before, just because of their expansion and their expanded capabilities,” Tinus said.

With access to better equipment and filtration, research and development for Karate Cowboy products can be a more refined, hands on process. And, with a local partnership, the brand can further infiltrate the Columbus market.

The market is pretty local-friendly, with 35 percent of the share going to local indie businesses. As craft distilleries sprout at an accelerated rate, Tinus saw an opportunity to come in at a unique angle, which has allowed him to define the product.

Karate Cowboy’s production process is an infusion of sake, or Japanese rice wine, into corn based white whiskey. Combining the two creates a product with an extended shelf life, a higher alcohol content than sake on its own, and a flexibility to sub in for other liquors in cocktails. Karate Cowboy’s two flavors, Ginger Mint and Honey Wasabi, can be swapped out for bourbon or vodka in a “Tokyo Mule,” or “Wasabi Bloody Mary.”

This versatility is one of the ways Tinus has sought to break boundaries, he said. A fusion of East and West, wine and spirit, Karate Cowboy Americanizes sake, adding more uses to the drink than just sipping it straight or dropping it in beer.

Tinus and his Karate Cowboy team are currently circulating the area, seeking out venues to hold tastings. While nothing is set in stone, Tinus plans on having an event schedule set by April. Right now they’re targeting businesses in Gahanna, Grandview and the Easton area.

Middle West Spirits is located at 1230 Courtland Ave.

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