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Karate Cowboy Adds “Natural” Flavor to Spirits Lineup

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Karate Cowboy Adds “Natural” Flavor to Spirits Lineup
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Karate Cowboy, the brand of sake-infused whiskey created by local distillery Revolution Experiment, has finally established its identity. What started as a spirit only available in two flavors, Honey Wasabi and Ginger Mint, is now being released in its “Natural” form.

Natural, an unflavored, six-time distilled corn whiskey infused with sake, comes out of the company’s partnership with Middle West Spirits. The craft distillery’s space allows for smaller test batches, more hands-on research and development, as well as better equipment, leading to a more refined product.

Learn more about the business behind Karate Cowboy on The Metropreneur.

Click here to learn more about the business behind Karate Cowboy on The Metropreneur.

“We need a place that can do this, that can do our unflavored, and make it the best possible quality, make it the smoothest we can get it to,” said Mark Tinus, CEO of Revolution Experiment. “We now have a bigger playground.”

Natural’s production process distills corn whiskey to an ethanol-like, grain neutral state, removing the off notes they noticed in their first round. Using a softening pad filtration, they take what could come off as a sloppy mix of two very different liquors, and instead create a self-contained, distinct spirit.

It’s a move that completes the Karate Cowboy brand and solidifies its identity. No longer confined to choosing between ginger and honey wasabi flavors, bartenders will have a product with more versatility.

They’re still in the process of disseminating their product, but by summer Natural will most likely accompany the flavored Karate Cowboy varieties already taking up shelf space at Barrel on High, Seventh Son, Zauber, North High Brewing and Local Roots, among many others.

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