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Just How Bad Are Drivers in Columbus?

Walker Evans Walker Evans Just How Bad Are Drivers in Columbus?Photo by Walker Evans.
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If you’re out traveling around the city this summer, there’s a likelihood you’re going to encounter some traffic, an accident or just some terrible driving in general. Perhaps you’ll shake your fist at the sky and exclaim “Drivers in Columbus are the worst!” But if you’ve ever wondered if that claim holds water, now there’s an official answer.

A new report from Allstate Insurance ranks the top 200 US cities on driving behaviors, and Columbus lands pretty close to the middle in 121st place. That’s certainly nowhere near the best in the country (Brownsville, Texas) but also pretty far from being the worst (Boston).

“The Best Drivers Report spotlights America’s safest cities as we continue to heighten awareness around increasing roadway collisions that have unfortunate consequences, such as rising fatalities and potentially higher insurance costs,” said Glenn Shapiro, executive vice president of claims at Allstate.

The report gives cities a score based on behavior-specific criteria including average years between crashes and collision likelihood, but also factors in two big external factors: city population density and annual precipitation — both rain and snow.

As far as the rest of Ohio goes, Toledo is the best city for drivers in the state, landing in 51st place, with Cleveland close behind in 68th. Cincinnati is much further down the list in 160th place.

To view the full report list, visit www.allstate.com (PDF).

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