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Junctionview Studios Closing in April

Walker Evans Walker Evans Junctionview Studios Closing in April
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The writing has been on the wall for Junctionview Studios for over five years now. Nationwide Realty Investors purchased the building in 2007 as a part of their Grandview Yard development, but allowed tenants of the building to continue leasing art studios and event spaces.

“Nationwide has served as a very upfront, honest, and helpful landlord over the past several years,” said Adam Brouillette, Manager at Junctionview Studios. “For five years, we have worked with them in a positive fashion and now it is time to move on.”

The studios will close their doors at the end of April 2013. The 10th Agora event on April 13th will serve as the final party at Junctionview, which has hosted over 100 events since it first opened in 2002. Additionally, Junctionview will host a moving sale on April 20th.

“While some may view this as a sad event, we would prefer to look at it as part of the road to progress, said Brouillette. “Tenants of the building will find new homes in other arts buildings and add to the momentum that is taking place in the greater Columbus arts scene.”

Laura Alexander is a local artist who has leased studio space at Junctionview for over five years. She doesn’t have a relocation plan finalized yet but is confident that she’ll be able to find something before the old studio closes. She also sees the closing as a sign of progress and hopes that the larger community shares this sentiment as well.

“Junctionview was open long enough to give me the time to develop as an artist and create a dedicated studio practice which gives me a very good idea as to what space will work for me in the future,” said Alexander. “I have gained the experience and knowledge from being part of the The Couchfire Collective and Junctionview Studios that will allow me to continue to create a community no matter where my studio is located.”

Megan Green moved her Stinkybomb Soap business into Junctionview Studios only seven months ago, but has had long-term connections to the building through event organization and through her husband Rob’s studio that has been set up there since 2009.

“I think it’s a final chapter for Junctionview but a start of many new possibilities for the existing artists and others in the art community,” said Green. “The great thing about artists is that we work best when faced with deadlines and our creative energies know no bounds. I look forward to seeing what is created out of this loss.”

Local artist Brian Reaume shares a similar sentiment for Junctionview, having called it his second home for over eight years. He plans to search for a new art studio space or potentially create a space within his home if necessary.

“I truly believe that Junctionview was a symbol of hope for many artists, whether or not one had a studio within the structure,” he said. “It became a beacon for opportunity rewarding hard work and creative vision. And now it will fade into city lore, woven into the fabric of a growing artist community.”

More information can be found online at www.junctionviewstudios.com.

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