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Joy’s Fairy Floss Brings Gourmet Cotton Candy to Columbus

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Joy’s Fairy Floss Brings Gourmet Cotton Candy to Columbus
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If you’ve never heard the phrase “fairy floss”, don’t be alarmed. It’s a term from the 1904 World’s Fair coined by dentist William Morrison and confectioner John C. Wharton, inventors of fairy floss. A 1921 patent by a rival introduced the term “cotton candy”, and to this day, it’s how the majority of us refer to the spun sugar treat.

Joy Stevens wants to bring the name back, and along with it, the whimsy and pleasure to be found in truly great fairy floss. All cotton candy is not made the same, and at Joy’s Fairy Floss, the process is serious work.

“The product is so delicate, with climate and packaging, it’s a challenge to keep it fresh,” Stevens describes. “Lots of time was taken to figure out a way to bring it to the public and have it be as fresh as possible”.

The next thing Stevens considered was flavor, and how to create dynamic ones that wouldn’t simply melt into the tongue like the product itself, but create fireworks as it hit the taste buds. We’re all familiar with the pink (strawberry?) and blue (blueberry?) bags bought at festivals, but you haven’t really had cotton candy till you’ve had Joy’s Fairy Floss.

“Our flavors are explosive,” Stevens gushes. “Hand spun, light, and airy, this is not your typical fair, stadium or pre-packaged candy. Banana, watermelon, bubble gum – it  really tastes like the flavor implies”.

After discovering that very few candy-makers use a wide range of organic flavorings, Stevens seized the opportunity to go one step further, and created a product that would be accessible for persons with food allergies. This then lead to the idea for Gourmet Seed and Nut Mixes:  a twist on Stevens’ family recipes that would make it okay for Celiac sufferers and others with digestive issues to enjoy.

Joy’s Fairy Floss carries two types of Trail Mix – a regular flavor and a sweet, spicy mix. They also make over twenty types of fairy floss, including organic ones with no color, but wallops of flavor, in unique tastes like Root Beer, Cinnamon Red Hot, Strawberry Cream, and Cappuccino.

An original idea for showers, weddings, corporate promotions, and other such events is a custom-labeled favor from Joy’s Fairy Floss. You can choose from regular single flavors like Orange and Pink Vanilla, double trouble match-ups like Cherry/Lime and Grape/Blue Razberry, and organic singles like Real Maple Sugar and Hot Cocoa.

In the future, Stevens will be expanding her line of flavors to include more unusual ones with familiar undertones, as well as seasonal offerings. Look for Peach á la Mode, Tropical Bliss, and Fudgesicle flavors this summer.

You can buy Joy’s Fairy Floss at Celebrate Local at Easton and retail shops in Ashland County where the company is based. She can also be found at the 400 West Rich and Moonlight Markets downtown.

With the help and support of the ECDI and Food Fort, Stevens hopes to have her products in other retail shops around the city very soon, and looks forward to continuing to be Central Ohio’s merriest ambassador for the art of fairy floss.

“We tell people to expect fabulous fun with our fairy floss,” a smiling Stevens shares. “The response has been overwhelming and exciting”.

Joy’s Fairy Floss’ website, www.joysfairyfloss.com is coming soon. In the meantime, you can place orders and check out current flavors at www.facebook.com/JoysFairyFloss or call 419-496-6293.

Photos by Pam Reece.

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