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Johnny Oak’s Po Boy & Shrimp Shack

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Columbus Alive wrote Mess Hall

by G.A. Benton

October 11th, 2007

“If you like my food, tell your friends. If not, keep your mouth shut,” joked Johnny Oak gently as I was exiting his Po Boy and Shrimp Shack. In my hand I held three of his “half”-size sandwiches and two orders of Cajun fries. In my head their combined massive weight created the image of a white-bagged cartoon anvil and the food’s tempting aromas conjured up nose-lifting, smoky cartoon fingers whisking me off the ground and floating me toward my car.

Half an hour later, still reeling from plowing through Mr. Oak’s spicy comfort food gutbusters, a couple dining pals and I decided to tell our friends: Johnny Oak makes the best junk foody sandwiches on the OSU campus.


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