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Johnny Coffee Popping Up Inside of Ace of Cups

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Johnny Coffee Popping Up Inside of Ace of CupsAll photos by Lauren Sega.
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When it comes to running Johnny Coffee, owners Jaina Emerman and Stephen Morrow are constantly looking for collaborative opportunities. The duo and their coffee capsule have done a little Columbus tour, bouncing from venue to venue for private events, popping up at Lucky’s Market in Clintonville for the summer, and now, opening up inside Ace of Cups six nights a week.

As the days have gotten colder, Emerman and Morrow knew their time was short as a popup outside Lucky’s. After putting some feelers out, Ace of Cups owner Marcy Mays expressed interest in hosting Johnny Coffee in the morning and early afternoon. From 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., the space looks a little different from the Ace of Cups people are familiar with.

“There’s music on. It’s a really nice, open and clean space. The high ceilings are great. We opened the curtains, so there’s a lot more light than you normally see when you’re in there at night,” Emerman said. “It’s just a really nice, unique space to have been turned into a coffee shop concept.”

For now, Emerman and Morrow’s arrangement with Mays is temporary as they gauge its success in the coming months. Should it take off, Johnny Coffee could be there for a while. They might move back to Lucky’s Market in the summer, but that’s also undecided.

“We’re trying to work with as many local businesses around that we can,” Emerman said, “because I think it feels really good to have a camaraderie between all businesses instead of feeling like you’re competing all the time.”

While Johnny Coffee plans to be at Ace of Cups on a regular basis, they’re doing private events as well, and those events will take priority over the popup. Follow them on social media to know exactly where they’ll be on a given day.

Johnny Coffee is open now and operates Monday through Saturday.

For more informations, visit johnny-coffee.com.

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