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Johnny Coffee Leaves Growl!, Launches Mobile Espresso Bar

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Johnny Coffee Leaves Growl!, Launches Mobile Espresso Bar
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Although announced less than two weeks ago, the partnership between Clintonville bar Growl! and coffee provider Johnny Coffee is now off. A neighboring business owner’s concern for parking — and his hiring of attorneys to address it — pushed Johnny Coffee out of the shared business they’d set up and back into their original plan: a mobile espresso bar.

“We were all set to go, and then a neighboring business was really concerned about us being there and taking up parking spots of his,” said Jaina Emerman, co-owner of Johnny Coffee. “He got attorneys and stuff involved and made sure we weren’t there. He never talked to us, but the owner of Growl! was threatened with eviction if he continued to have us in there.”

Rather than pursue another business for a similar arrangement, Emerman and her partner Stephen Morrow decided to go it on their own to give themselves more flexibility and keep the costs down. With the help of their Barista Capsule, a mobile espresso bar with on-board plumbing and electricity, they’ll be popping up in various venues around the city.

“We are looking for events and weddings and corporate meetings,” Emerman said. “We can travel and do only coffee, only espresso, and both, so we’ll have a tiered price list for all the options for people.”

Their official launch, set to take place inside Growl!, was in Emerman’s backyard last Saturday. For a donation, people drank through the coffee they’d bought for their first week in business. Moving forward they’ll be present at Clintonville’s Farmers Market as well as an event at Thank Yoga on August 20, details to be determined.

For more information, visit Johnny Coffee’s Facebook.


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