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Jobu Ramen Opens on Grandview Avenue

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Jobu Ramen Opens on Grandview AvenuePhotos by Ayana Wilson.
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Do you slurp? That’s the question Mike Kopfman and John Franke hope to have the city answer when they open Jobu Ramen, Columbus’ newest spot for steaming bowls of flavorful goodness, at 1439 Grandview Avenue, formerly home to Mazah Mediterranean Eatery.

When Kopfman, who’s from Ohio but has lived in nearly every other state in the county, returned home, he fell in love with the city’s food scene and wondered how he could be a bigger part of it. He looked around to see what niche he could really fill: Cajun/Creole? BBQ?

The answer was Ramen. Not the kind you buy in the pack for 39 cents at the store, but the authentic Asian street food experience: yummy, slow-cooked broth drowning chunks of meat, vegetables, and egg.

“I thought adding ramen would add a new touch to this city and expand the options it has to offer,” shares Kopfman on the choice. “Jobu is being opened to let guests experience what brought me into food, enjoy good company, and explore new experiences.”

Jobu Ramen will carry four kinds of ramen bowls when they open: Miso, with roasted pork and corn, Soy, with pork, chicken, and cabbage, Chicken, with breast chunks and scallions, and Veggie, with root vegetables, roasted tomato, and seasonal garnish.

Diners will also be able to enjoy Cold Noodle and Kimchi Salads, as well as Karage Wings with 5-spice rub, and a Korean BBQ Burrito at Jobu. And it will be affordable. A couple will be able to share an appetizer, enjoy bowls of ramen, and drinks, for around $15-$18.


Upon opening, Jobu Ramen will not serve alcohol, but they are applying for a liquor license so that very soon they can offer guests classic cocktails, unique sake and wines, and specialty beer made exclusively for Jobu by a local brewer.

The roughly 2,500 square feet restaurant will seat 44 visitors at a time, including the patio. It will mostly be two and four tops, but there will be the ability to accommodate larger groups as well.

“I love when a restaurant has a feeling of belonging to the community, instead of a place that was dropped there and is trying to fit in,” adds Kopfman. “Grandview is one of the great communities in Columbus that has a great togetherness vibe, with lots of foodies that want to push Columbus forward.”

Jobu Ramen’s initial hours of operation will be Monday-Thursday, 11am – 10pm, Friday-Saturday, 11am – 11pm, and Sunday, 11am – 9pm. Be prepared for longer hours on certain nights if the crowds demand it.

Also be on the lookout for the Mashita Noodles food cart, Franke’s original endeavor, at Staas Brewing in Delaware. It will also make appearances at certain farmers markets, from where they source most of the produced used both in the restaurant and for the cart.

For more on Jobu Ramen, visit www.joburamen.com.

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