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Jewelweed Floral Studio Opening Downtown Store

Walker Evans Walker Evans Jewelweed Floral Studio Opening Downtown Store
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After 10 years working within the floral industry, Sarah Anne Dixon was ready to go solo last November when she launched Jewelweed Floral Studio as a new business venture. She began immediately as a consultant with the end goal of opening a dedicated retail and workshop space. After just four months of searching, she’s found the right space on East Long Street in Downtown Columbus.

“I’ve really been looking for a cool building with character,” explained Dixon. “And Downtown is definitely an interesting area because it has a lot of good office clientele, and is in transition with more and more people are moving back to central Columbus.”

The new Jewelweed will be located in half of the former B1 Bicycles shop at 122 East Long Street, while the other half becomes the new Downtown Bike Shop. Once open, Jewelweed will measure approximately 1,000 square feet, which will include a public retail storefront as well as a workshop area for Dixon’s catering, wedding and delivery clients.

“It’s been really fun to strip it down to a shell of a space, which will offer a great backdrop for our fresh florals, large and small plants and a curated collections of wares,” she stated. “It’s going to be a concept store — kind of a homey — with a warm 1970s California vibe. Customers can come in to browse and I might make them a french press coffee while they’re here.”

Dixon is hoping to have Jewelweed soft-opened by early April, with a larger grand opening celebration to be coordinated with the opening of the bike shop next door. To start, the store will be open weekdays from nine to five with plans to expand hours later in the evenings and on weekends as well.

For more information, visit www.jewelweedfloralstudio.com.

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