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Jeffrey Park Community Center Approved, Construction on Apartments to Start Soon

Brent Warren Brent Warren Jeffrey Park Community Center Approved, Construction on Apartments to Start Soon
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Wagenbrenner Development has presented to the Italian Village Commission for the latest addition to their Jeffrey Park development – two buildings at the corner of North Fourth Street and First Avenue that will house a community center and 13 townhomes.

The community center will feature an outdoor pool and a community room, as well as space for offices, a gym and a neighborhood bar. Also in the plans is a space along the sidewalk on First Avenue reserved for a potential CoGo Bike Share station.

Designer Rob Harris of Wagenbrenner says that they have tentative plans to move their own offices into the building, and are currently speaking with some local operators about filling the bar space. As for the 13,000 square foot exercise room, Go Fitness has signed on to fill the space and hope to run it as their flagship location (they currently have just one location on King Avenue in the Fifth by Northwest neighborhood). The townhomes will be two-story, one-bedroom units that will be available for rent.

The design of the two buildings was a joint venture between Wagenbrenner and BBCO Design, a partnership that so far has yielded a wide variety of modern designs for Jeffrey Park, which eventually will contain 1,350 residential units.

“We think they are incredibly talented,” said Harris, referring to architects Bhakti Bania and Bharat Baste of BBCO. He explained that the collaboration, as well as the process of breaking the project into segments and working on each phase individually has worked well so far; “our goal is for it not to look like one big development.”

Construction of the community center and townhomes should start early next spring if approved by a final vote in August, but other elements of the project will be coming on line sooner. Groundbreaking on two apartment buildings along First Avenue containing a total of 278 units is scheduled for September 1st, while construction of 72 townhomes south of the apartments could start as early as October. Those townhomes will be sold as fee-simple homes.

For updates and ongoing discussion of the Jeffrey Park development, visit our messageboard.

Renderings provided by BBCO Design.

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