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J Hot Fish Taking Over Olde Towne East Pop-Up Space

Walker Evans Walker Evans J Hot Fish Taking Over Olde Towne East Pop-Up Space
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This summer, if you’re in the mood for getting something hot and something fried in Olde Towne East, then you might be in for a surprise. You won’t find chicken this year at 1117 Oak Street, but you will find fish.

J Hot Fish is the name of the new pop-up restaurant tenant confirmed to open where Hot Chicken Takeover got started, at the neighborhood intersection of Oak and Ohio. Entrepreneur KC Edwards said today that his new business will launch there on Friday March 6th, while entrepreneur Joe DeLoss of Hot Chicken Takeover confirmed that they won’t be returning.

“Hot Chicken Takeover blazed the trail for us,” said Edwards. “I’m excited to launch here because I grew up in that area and used to throw rocks at that building when I was a little kid. My family moved to New Albany when I was in the 10th grade, and that was a culture shock, so it’s bittersweet to come back home to Olde Towne East.”

Edwards and his wife own their own commercial cleaning company, but have also perfected their fish fry craft at an annual event at the Alum Creek Beach over the past decade. The couple took the show on the road last summer, participating in multiple mobile food events around Columbus.

The new pop-up will officially launch indoors on Friday, March 6th during Lent. Friday dinner service will be family-oriented with games and activities for kids, who will also dine for free. Ongoing service will take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with hours still being determined, and subject to change. Once the weather warms, the operation will move outdoors to make use of the walk-up window and outdoor picnic area.

“We will offer an employment opportunity for people who have troubled backgrounds, and we want to help people who have aspirations to be an entrepreneur,” added Edwards. “We’re also seeking volunteers who are needed for this project to be a success.”

In addition to fried fish, the restaurant will serve their version of egg rolls, with sides of cole slaw and french fries available.

As far as Hot Chicken Takeover goes, DeLoss says that this departure from 1117 Oak Street doesn’t mean the end of their presence in Olde Towne East. Their North Market location was originally announced as temporary through May 2015, but definitive plans have yet to be announced. HCT is working on other plans to go mobile before eventually settling into a more permanent brick-and-mortar home.

For more information on J Fish, visit www.facebook.com/JFishfry.

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