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It’s Bright for Breakfast and Lunch at Sunny Street Café

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson It’s Bright for Breakfast and Lunch at Sunny Street Café
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The Sunny Street Café does more than just breakfast. Formerly known as Rise & Dine, Sunny Street made the branding switch four years ago in order to reflect their commitment to serving lunch as well as breakfast. They’re still thought of as a morning spot though, which is a shame for lunchers who want to eat local and eat well.

Sunny Street Café, with five locations in Central Ohio and its environs, has been serving delicious, seasonal, and locally-sourced breakfasts and lunches since its inception. The majority of the fruits, vegetables, and dairy they use is produced in-state, as well virtually all the meat and poultry.

This Winter, their menu features hearty, cold-weather dishes that’ll delight the palate and fill the stomach. The Red Velvet Pancakes are decadent, more-cake-than-pan flapjacks that scream special occasion more readily than breakfast. Ordered with a side of perfectly-crisped bacon, or breakfast sausage, it’s the kind of meal that ensures a good day.

The Butternut Squash Soup appears unassuming, but might just be the best thing on the seasonal menu. The gourd is cooked with aromatics and jalapeños, blended, and finished with cream to give it a luxurious texture. Unlike most squash soups, this one isn’t sweet at all, and the slightly spicy kick at the end brings a heat welcome in the winter months.

The Chicken & Biscuits is Ohio comfort food 101: herb-roasted chicken combined with fresh-cut vegetables swimming in a thick pool of from-scratch gravy, topped with fresh-baked, flaky pillows of dough is the epitome of cold-weather lunch. It’s warming, robust, and flavorful; it’s the kind of meal that’ll help you successfully tackle your afternoon’s projects.

The Sunny Street Café is also an ideal option for catered breakfasts and lunches. They offer individual boxed meals that come with condiments, sides, and silverware, party platters, group salad bowls and fruit trays, as well as baked goods at competitive prices.

“We’re constantly thinking about ways to develop and improve the relationships we have with our customers,” shares General Manager Brian Taylor. “We offer simple, but delicious food that’s as locally-sourced as possible, and prepared with quality and consistency in mind every time. We want every visit to our restaurant to be the best one you could have had.”

Sunny Street Café is open Monday-Sunday, 6:30am – 2:30pm. During Columbus Blue Jackets games or concerts at the Arena, Sunny Street Café keeps their doors open till late at their downtown location, 277 Nationwide Blvd.

For a longer look at Sunny Street Café’s menu, or to find the location nearest to you, visit www.sunnystreetcafe.com.

Photos by Ayana Wilson.

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