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Plans for Italian Village Parking Garage Moving Forward

Brent Warren Brent Warren Plans for Italian Village Parking Garage Moving ForwardRenderings provided by Wood Companies and Schiff Capital Group.
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The Wood Companies and Schiff Capital Group recently responded to a suggestion from the Victorian Village Commission to reduce the height of their proposed office building at 711 North High Street. Their proposal for a four-story parking garage at the northeast corner of Pearl and Lincoln streets, however, appears to be working its way through the Italian Village Commission with relatively few changes.

Wood Companies President Mark Wood said that he expects to bring the project back soon after it was “well received” by the commission at their November meeting.

The parking garage would feature an entrance on Pearl that would be accessible from High Street via Bollinger Alley. Thirteen residences along the Lincoln Street side would serve to screen that side of the garage from the neighborhood, while the rest of the garage would not be screened but is designed to blend in with the area’s older industrial-style buildings.

“One of advantages to the site,” said Italian Village commissioner Jason Sudy, “is that the depth of it works pretty well for having a garage plus a deeper set of condo units that can screen it.”



The new garage would replace a long-time surface parking lot. It would accommodate 244 cars, with around 125 spaces dedicated to the public, more than replacing the public parking lost by the construction of the High Street office building on the city-owned lot south of Buttles Avenue.

“The plan has never been to have (surface parking) as part of the neighborhood fabric, so this is truly an infill project,” said Sudy, adding that the new garage is well located and would provide a good option when combined with other new garages in the area.

“This starts to space out parking facilities pretty well,” he said, “with the Hubbard Garage, the Joseph garage, and the new convention center garage (on East Goodale Street).”

Encouraging the inclusion of public parking with new mixed-use developments in the neighborhood was one of the recommendations of the Short North Parking Study, which was released late last year. The city has not announced a time table for the implementation of further recommendations from the study.

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Renderings provided by Wood Companies and Schiff Capital Group.



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