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Is the $2 Billion Planet Oasis Development Going to Happen? Depends Who You Ask

Brent Warren Brent Warren Is the $2 Billion Planet Oasis Development Going to Happen? Depends Who You Ask
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A split between two different factions behind the proposed Planet Oasis development in Delaware County has only served to raise more questions about the multifaceted, $2 billion entertainment complex.

Last week, a press release sent out by developer Blue Horseshoe Ventures stated that David Glimcher — who until that time had been the public face of the project — was no longer associated with the development. (Also announced was a public contest to come up with a new name for the project).

That left Tony and Alex Sekulovski as the sole developers of the project, according to them.

“It’s actually a far more simple scenario than some of the (media stories) have portrayed things,” said Ryan Stubenrauch, who is serving as the media contact for the Sekulovskis. “Months ago, there were contracts signed to purchase the 350 acres and contracts with the anchor tenants…those contracts were all signed by Blue Horseshoe Ventures LTD.”

And that business name is registered to Tony and Alex Sekulovski, he pointed out, a fact confirmed by a quick search on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website.

Columbus Underground also reached out to one of the landowners — Richard Igo, who controls about 85 acres of land within the project’s footprint — and asked if he was indeed under contract to sell the land to the company controlled by the Sekulovskis.

“We are in contract with Blue Horseshoe Ventures,” Igo confirmed over email.

“Tony and the developers behind the project did have David Glimcher do some work for them on this project,” added Stubenrauch. “There was even negotiations on having David join the ownership group…those talks fell through and BHV and its partners have no desire to delay anything.”

So, sounds like the project is moving forward, with the Sekulovskis leading the way, right?

Not so fast. A second company — called Blue Horseshoe Development, LLC — was registered with the state on Sept. 27 by Glimcher and Lenni Male, and that group also claims to be moving forward with the development.

“David and I, our partners, and our entire staff are still moving forward on Planet Oasis,” said Male, whose title is Principal/President of Blue Horseshoe Development, LLC.

Given David Glimcher’s history and track record in the region — he was the president of Glimcher Realty Trust, which built Polaris and was founded by his father — some observers have been hesitant to count him and his partners out. The truth is, though, that the events of the past week have left many scratching their heads, and that includes county and township officials.

Jeff George, zoning administrator for Berkshire Township, said that “the township only knows what was (reported in the media)…other than that we have no other information.”

Eventually, an application for the development would need to be submitted to the township, but George said that they have yet to receive anything.

“The County has not received development plans for this project,” said Bob Lamb, Delaware County’s Economic Development Director, adding that, “we are hopeful that the professionals involved in the proposed project will be able come to consensus and move forward.”

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