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Introducing Megan Green, Director of Events for Columbus Underground

Walker Evans and Anne Evans Walker Evans and Anne Evans Introducing Megan Green, Director of Events for Columbus UndergroundWelcome to Megan Green, Director of Events.
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We are excited to announce that Megan Green has joined the team as the new Director of Events for Columbus Underground! Green brings over a decade of event leadership and experience to the company and we are thrilled to welcome her to the team.

You will recognize Megan’s name from Craftin’ Outlaws, Stinkybomb Soap, the Midwest Craft Con, as well as other events throughout the city.

Megan’s passion for small businesses, the arts, and making connections, makes her a perfect fit for this role.

“Thirteen years ago crafts were confined to church bizarres and Etsy had not yet become the household name it’s become today,” says Megan. “When the founder of Craftin’ Outlaws left to pursue grad school, a few of us stepped up to continue her vision of supporting local crafters. I feel honored to play a part in promoting independent makers and to have seen the cultural landscape evolve in Columbus. Our makers have gone on to open retail stores and the craft show scene has never been more abundant than it is right now.”

The events that we produce through Columbus Underground, The Metropreneur, CoffeeFest, and others do more than support our local businesses and contribute to the vibrancy of our city – they support the award-winning journalists that we employ and allow our company to continue to offer free access to their work to everyone. We feel strongly that a local community needs to be informed of the news of their community, and for us, the best way to do that is to offer free, unrestricted access to the news.

We look forward to seeing the new direction our events will take under Megan’s leadership as we continue to create the best cultural events in the city, to support our business community, grow the CU Ambassador team, and to offer opportunities for connections to be made.

Upcoming events:
Brewed! A Coffee + Beer Celebration
Columbus CoffeeFest

Welcome, Megan!

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