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Infill Development Proposed to Add 24 New Homes to Jeffrey Park Site

Walker Evans Walker Evans Infill Development Proposed to Add 24 New Homes to Jeffrey Park SiteVisuals via Juliet Bullock Architects.
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When the massive Jeffrey Park project from Wagenbrenner Development was first proposed in 2012, it encompassed the majority of the site formerly planned as the Jeffery Place, with a few small gaps in the site. Two existing buildings had already been completed on the far east and west sides of the site, with two more parcels of land under the control of other owners.

One of those owners, Chad Seiber of 21 Jeffrey Park LCC, presented a proposal with Juliet Bullock Architects to the Italian Village Commission tonight to infill the remaining land bounded by Auden Avenue, North Sixth Street, Neruda Avenue and North Fourth Street with 24 new townhome-style single-family homes.

The commission was receptive to the development, stating that the scale was appropriate, but there were still a few caveats. The modern design proposed featured a mix of materials, including metal, cedar and stucco. Several commission members expressed concern over some of the specific ways that aesthetic elements protruded from the building.

The development of the first eight units was approved by the commission with the condition that the applicant would handle site landscaping and sidewalk upgrades, along with an 18-month period to sell a specific unit with a windowless wall, or install a window into it if it does not sell.

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