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Indie Art Capital = It’s Official

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So, although I haven’t talked much about what I’ve been doing so far with the IAC Initiative…I can, finally, reveal some of it.

Monday, December 10th, at the 5:00 City Council Meeting…

The Columbus City Council will be adopting a Resolution to officially declare Columbus as the Independent Art Capital of the World. The resolution is sponsored by Mary Ellen O’Shaughnessy, with a lot of hard work from Lelia Cady, her legislative analyst.

I have to tell you, walking the corridors of City Hall today…and seeing multiple cutouts of the IAC logo from the website on doors and bulletin boards, was simply amazing! As I was introduced around, I don’t think anyone needed an explanation as to what we were talking about…they knew, even if they didn’t know the specifics, what the IAC was.

There’s a lot more to come, but this is the first in the line of announcements and the most official of them, so I’m pretty excited!

p.s. Sorry Dan, I couldn’t get the shirts first, but I’ll grab them from you this week still and we can present them at the actual meeting.

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