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Ignite Arts Looks to Engage New Generation of Arts Patrons

Susan Post Susan Post Ignite Arts Looks to Engage New Generation of Arts Patrons
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A night at the opera probably conjures images of tuxedos, ball gowns and formality, but Columbus-based Ignite Arts is helping performing arts organizations push the bounds of what a night at the opera or symphony or theater can be.

Ignite Arts is a new brand launched by the founders of Acceptd, an online platform connecting artists with opportunities. Focusing on music, theater, dance, visual arts and cinematic arts, Acceptd’s platform features over 500 programs from around the world – a 50-50 split between educational opportunities ranging from high school to university, and festivals, career opportunities, summer camps and more.

As Acceptd’s founders Don Hunter and Derek Brown continued to interact with a variety of arts professionals, a common theme became apparent. Traditional arts patrons are an aging, homogenous population. Organizations need help connecting with younger, more diverse audiences.

Ignite Arts will fill that role as a strategic partner to arts organizations with a mission “to ignite the arts in local communities by creating and promoting experiences that connect artists and audiences in new ways,” Hunter says.

In 2017, Acceptd and Ignite Arts ran over 100 campaigns for symphonies, operas, museums and more to craft those unique events that break the stereotype of the traditional arts experience.

Tacos at the theater. A beer truck at the opera. A Harry Potter-themed symphony. An exhibit of Samurai weapons.

“It’s ok to let your guard down,” Hunter says. Ignite Arts’ partner events incorporate something traditional, but encourage patrons to come as the are.

Ignite Arts works with its clients to brainstorm ideas, concepts, events and initiatives that will draw in new audiences and demographics to their organizations. With a robust list of services, Ignite Arts can also create and execute campaigns through social media, email and digital advertising to attract the right audience. That expertise extends into influencer engagement and examining user experience on an organization’s website to create the best presentation possible.

Ignite Arts follows it up with metrics and analytics to make sure their strategies are driving results and organizations are seeing a return on their investment.

Hunter says they are working with arts organizations locally and nationally to offer something new and create authentic experiences that are introducing new demographics to the arts.

For more information, visit ignitearts.co

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