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If Obama wins Ohio, it’s curtains for Clinton

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Other Paper wrote If Obama wins Ohio, it’s curtains for Clinton


Tthe Clintons have never needed Ohio as badly as they do now. The past six weeks have seen Sen. Clinton go from confident frontrunner to plucky underdog in the Democratic presidential race.

Although she’s won crucial victories in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and California, the Clinton campaign has struggled to fend off the seemingly more enthusiastic and organized effort from her rival. Since the Feb. 5 Super Tuesday primaries—which Clinton once expected to be her coronation—she’s lost six states to Obama, as well the Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia. Next week’s contests in Wisconsin and Hawaii are also expected to fall in the Obama column.

Clinton’s only hope to regain her status as the party favorite will come 18 days from now, when Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island hold their primaries. Suffice it to stay CNN won’t have correspondents reporting live from Rhode Island.


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