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Unusual Eats: The Hot Dog Bun at Ichiban Bakery

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Unusual Eats: The Hot Dog Bun at Ichiban BakeryPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbot.
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This isn’t just any Hot Dog Bun. In honor of Memorial Day Weekend — the official kick-off of hot dog season — we have a very special Asian bakery Hot Dog Bun with the hot dog already baked inside. It’s from Ichiban in Kenny Centre.

When it comes to Asian bakeries, most people mention Ichiban’s neighbor, Belle’s Bread — and for good reason, the famous stop has a great selection of edibles (both sweet and savory). The whole shopping center recently made national news for the fabulous noshing opportunities it affords. That said, Ichiban deserves a little love too. It’s not as fancy as the other place, in fact, it’s old fashioned in contrast. Still, you can’t argue with the majesty of its Hot Dog Bun.

The house Hot Dog Bun is like a pig-in-a-blanket, only the the bread wrapped around the pig tastes like grandma’s cooking (instead of the Doughboy’s). It’s a pure, tender-crumbed, white bread that completely engulfs a briny hot dog with its mass. The top of its golden surface is artfully scored with streaks of ketchup. Together, this all makes for a remarkable package, worthy of your holiday table.

The bakery also offers pretty little cakes slices and lots of different yeast bread products made with both savory and sugary fillings. For those who seek a sweeter side from bakeries, consider the house-made cheese roll.


This was recommended by the counter clerk, probably in an effort to end the analysis-paralysis that inevitably hits any non-regular customer. For the cheese roll, the same dreamy, old-fashioned bread is wrapped around a generous supply of the sweet stuff you usually find in a breakfast Danish. Ichiban’s version is not as processed as a vending version —again, there’s a more natural cream-cheese based texture.

The two victorious test-drives seem like an awfully good reason to check out more things from the bakery. You can try it out at 1157 Kenny Centre Mall.

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