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I Saw What You Did Podcasters Bring Double Feature to Wex

Hope Madden Hope Madden I Saw What You Did Podcasters Bring Double Feature to Wex9 to 5 - Photo via IMDb
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Millie De Chirico and Danielle Henderson of the podcast I Saw What You Did come to the Wexner Center of the Arts this weekend. The duo will introduce the 9 to 5 and Thelma and Louise double feature Friday, then return Saturday to discuss the films as they relate to a specific (and top secret) theme.

And darlin’, look out, because their hair is comin’ down.

This is the pair’s first visit to the Wex, and indeed De Chirico’s first trip to the Buckeye state.

“I had heard of the Wexner Center because of the guests that had been there before, especially with the film program,” De Chirico says. “I went through the list and though, my God, these people are amazing. What are we doing there? We’re honored.”

De Chirico works as programmer for Turner Classic Movies and TCM Underground. She and writer Henderson (books Feminist Ryan Gosling, The Ugly Cry and shows Maniac, Sorry for Your Loss, The Harper House) have a long history of watching movies and hashing out their thoughts. The podcast seemed obvious.

Each episode pairs two films with an undisclosed (until airtime) theme.

“If we can figure out a way that two movies can come together in a weird, funny way, that usually goes,” De Chirico says. “We just like to make each other laugh.” 

“We want to make a podcast that we would actually listen to,” Henderson says. “It’s very much who we are as people. We don’t want to bore each other and so we don’t want to bore our listeners.”

“I used to work in radio, and I understand the warmth that comes from radio,” De Chirico says. “It’s a very intimate medium. I think a big component of our podcast is that we’re friends.”

Do they ever have conflict over movie opinions?

“Whenever we do have a different opinion on a movie, we don’t have this fight about it. It’s not the kind of thing where we’re trying to dunk on each other,” De Chirico says.

They’re remembering the Hereditary incident.

“That was a movie we both felt differently about, mostly because of the way I came into watching the film,” De Chirico remembers. “I had this traumatic experiencing watching the movie with my mom. I went in completely blind, and I felt like I’d just watched a snuff film with my mom. And then on the podcast, we made it funny, and I just made fun of her for making me watch the movie with my mother, which was essentially my own fault.”

The program this weekend will mark the first live event for I Saw What You Did, and the only thing that made choosing the double feature difficult was unlimited options.

“It was very hard for me to resist, once I knew that Wexner center could get anything,” Henderson says. “All I ever want to talk about is CHUD. I’m like, all right, just resist the urge to show CHUD.”

So why Thelma & Louise and 9 to 5? Well, since the theme is a secret, they can’t entirely give that away, except to say that they love both movies, both are women-centered, and both star people they admire. They also think that, if you try, you can figure out the theme.

“Sometimes people really pick it apart,” De Chirico says. “They’re like, OK, this is about a woman’s struggle to find spaghetti in the middle of the night. And actually, it‘s just really simple when you think about it.”

“We do trick people a lot,” Henderson counters. “People will go online and there will be like ten people who say the theme is this or that, and we’re like, guess what, the theme is donuts. We keep people on their toes.”

Catch the pair’s informative and funny take on the double feature this weekend at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Friday, November 5

  • 7 p.m. 9 to 5 (1980, Colin Higgins)
  • 9 p.m. Thelma & Louise (1991, Ridley Scott)

Saturday, November 6

  • 7 p.m. Danielle Henderson and Millie De Chirico in conversation

Admission to the double feature is $9 for general public, $7 for members, $5 for students. Admission for Saturday’s live conversation is free. Visit wexarts.org for tickets.

Follow Hope on Twitter @maddwolf and listen to her horror movie podcast, FRIGHT CLUB.

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