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Human Bodies on Full Display at COSI

Walker Evans Walker Evans Human Bodies on Full Display at COSI
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Interested in checking out some dead bodies, but don’t feel like making a trip to the morgue? Well, COSI has you covered. The traveling exhibition “Body Worlds & The Brain” opened at the science center last Wednesday and provides a glimpse into the inner workings of human anatomy like you’ve never seen before (that is, unless you saw the “Bodies… The Exhibition” show near Easton in 2007).

Human specimens are on display utilizing a preservation technique called plastination, where muscle, bone, skin and organs can remain in pristine condition for viewing. The images can be shocking to some, but the display is far from grotesque. The exhibit is presented in a very tasteful manner balanced somewhere between scientific classroom lesson and artistic display of the human form.

The exhibit includes many glass cases of individual organs along with information about their form and function, as well as medical issues such as enlarged hearts and curved spinal columns. Some of the displays serve as warnings for a healthier lifestyle by showcasing cancerous livers and the blackened lungs of a heavy smoker.

Your attention will most likely to be drawn toward the full body specimens on display, carefully posed in positions that allow the contemplation of stretched muscles during athletic feats. The baseball player swings his bat, the skateboarder hand plants off a mini vert ramp, and the figure skater duo literally perform a death spiral maneuver. The bodies are enclosed in glass cases, providing a 360 degree view of every muscle group in full detail.

Body Worlds is located in a special exhibition section on the upper level of COSI, which can be viewed either as a package with your standard COSI visit, or by itself during evening hours if you’re not interested in the rest of the standard museum.

Body Worlds & The Brain will be on display at COSI through January 6, 2013.

More information can be found online at www.cosi.org/exhibits/bodyworlds.

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