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How to: Make your own patch

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Sometimes I might have a scrap of fabric with some kind of cool image on it that I want to make into a patch and sew onto something else. Also, I’m not as fond of holes in my clothes as I once was. Age? No matter the reason, here is a quick and dirty way to make your own patch! My friend, Thea Starr, shared this with me a few years ago…

Supplies: Fabric, Heavy iron-on interfacing (this will make your fabric stiff), fray check (or fabric glue). You can buy interfacing and fray check at most fabric stores.

1. Pick your image. This can be a picture from a scrap of fabric, a design on your elementary school 4-H t-shirt or any kind of fabric.

2. Cut the image out, along with a small border around it.

3. Iron the interfacing onto the back side of your image following the instructions that came with it. The interfacing will have one side that is shinier than the other. That’s the side you want facing your fabric.

4. Trim away excess interfacing

5. Apply fray check to edges

6. Sew it on! I use a satin stitch on my sewing machine, but you can sew it by hand. (you can use safety pins if you want too…punk rock!)

Make a stack for gifts!

I also do this if I have a stain I want to cover. I hate buying new clothes. Ribbon works really well for this treatment too, and it’s much faster since it’s already sort of stiff. Play around with the method and see what works best for you. Sometimes I adhere the interfacing before I cut out my image.

If the pain-in-the-ass factor for this project is still too high for you, you can always just cut the image out and sew it on. It will last a few washings with no other treatments. And let’s not forget duct tape. After a turn in the dryer, it adheres to fabric very well!

More crafty ideas can be found online at MadeByAmyD.com.

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