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How to Host a Successful Thanksgiving in Your Home

Jason Parks Jason Parks How to Host a Successful Thanksgiving in Your Home
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This article is brought to you by the Schottenstein Real Estate Group.

By now, all the leaves in Columbus have changed colors and are starting to fall from the trees. Autumn is beginning to give way to winter, but before we get out the heavy coats and await the first snowfall, it’s time to think about Thanksgiving.

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your home for the first time or have been for years, whether your guest list is big or small, whether you’re planning a fancy affair or request that guests don sweatpants (elastic is never a bad idea for Thanksgiving), here are five steps you can take to ensure success in your home!

1. Write It Out
Make a list of everyone who’s coming, a menu and a shopping list for the grocery, and a to-do list. Take this step and come time for the big day, you won’t forget anything (or anyone).

2. Serve the Staples
Everyone expects to eat turkey, stuffing, and some pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day. So even if you want to test out a new recipe or two, make sure you also whip up the staple Thanksgiving dishes and your guests are sure to be happy (and, of course, leave full).

3. Plan Ahead
Sure, you can cook the turkey the day of. But there are plenty of Thanksgiving dishes you can prepare in advance and store in your freezer until the big day. Doing that will spread out your cooking, ensure you have plenty of room in your oven, guarantee that the supermarket won’t be out of any necessary ingredients, and allow you to enjoy the day just as much as your guests!

4. Give Yourself Room to Breathe
“If you are anything like me, and too many bodies in the kitchen [while you’re cooking] makes you want to scream, set up a separate drink station −maybe with a couple appetizers on it− away from the kitchen,” said Adrienne Hasty, cooking expert at Positively Cooking. “This way, while your guests are arriving and you are simultaneously tying up loose ends for your feast, your guests can congregate and chit-chat separately to keep additional stress off you.”

5. Kick Back
No matter how many times you’ve hosted a Thanksgiving celebration, we know that entertaining a big group of people can be stressful. Just remember that Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and good food. Some of the day’s events will be out of your control and even if you do something crazy, like forget the cranberry sauce, it’s likely your loved ones will forgive you. So kick back, relax, and make sure you get to enjoy the day as well.

Bonus Tip
“If you drop your turkey, the five-second rule definitely applies!” according to Hasty.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This article was brought to you by the Schottenstein Real Estate Group.

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group has the distinct honor of being the only three time Developer of the Year chosen by the Building Industry Association (BIA), SRE Group is respected as one of the leaders in the real estate industry. We are dedicated to creating exceptional communities for living, working, shopping and entertainment. Our key personnel have developed, marketed and managed more than 10,000 for sale homes or condominiums, more than 25,000 rental units and a variety of commercial, retail, land and office projects throughout the Midwest and Florida.

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