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Universitas Event to Ask; How Can We Redesign the COTA Experience?

Brent Warren Brent Warren Universitas Event to Ask; How Can We Redesign the COTA Experience?Photo by Walker Evans.
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Universitas, a local group that hosts monthly meetings on a wide range of topics, is turning its attention this month to public transit in Columbus. On Wednesday, March 6th at 6PM, at the Center for Creativity at the Columbus Museum of Art, the group will host a discussion that starts with the question: “How can we redesign the experience of COTA to make it more attractive to riders of choice?”

“Evelyn van Til recently joined COTA as their Online Marketing Manager,” explained David Staley, the “Chief Catalyst” of Columbus Universitas, when describing the genesis of the idea for the event. “During a brief correspondence with Evelyn, we were talking about ways to improve the experience of COTA such that it would be more attractive to so-called ‘riders of choice’, versus ‘riders of necessity’.”

The topic seemed like a natural for Universitas, which strives to provide an environment for creative people from different fields to come together and generate new ideas for Columbus.

“Universitas attendees are doers and have a passion for the city of Columbus, so we like to set up events and design challenges that draw attention to the city,” said Staley. “Smart transportation has been one of our areas of discussion — especially around biking — but we have yet to consider mass transit. A city this ‘smart and open’ deserves a smart mass transit system, and so I wonder what happens when we put creative and innovative minds to the task of redesigning the COTA experience.”

For those interested in attending tomorrow’s event, no RSVP is required.

For more information on Universitas, CLICK HERE.

Photo by Walker Evans.

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